CNC 3018 steeper

CNC 3018 upgraded.
Axis Z stopped working
If i switch the cable to either X or Z pins, it works again so i assume the little board got toasted.
Anyone knows how to find a replacement?
I attach a picture of the board i haveboard

Those pink boards on the top right looks like DV8825´s

woudl this work to replace them? boards are the same , but mine doesnt have the black attachment underneath

Found these which think woudl be better?

Assuming the originals are DV8825 then yes these will work.

Since we are at it, woudl you know of any fan i can install to reduce heat? as when i touched stepper after it stopped working it was quite hot

thank you. Do i just replace one with another or is there any further adjustment i need to do?

It should be a drop-in replacement - however you need to measure abd adjust the new driver reference voltage in order to limit the current.

See this video for reference, method is similar:

You may want to pull the purple driver board and look at the small fuse behind it for the axis that failed. On my board when one of the axis failed, the surface mount fuse also went on the main board.