CNC Build Kit Available?

Does Inventables offer a CNC Build Kit that you can purchase instead of purchasing all the parts separately?

Parts List and Instructions?

I want to use the parts to build a modified CNC with Mach3. Thanks

“The X-Carve is a fully open source machine. We have made the machine model, bill of materials, and assembly instructions available to the public so you can modify and adjust your machine. As such, you can view a model of the entire machine and each sub-assembly on GrabCAD.”

From that FAQ, there’s a link to the GrabCAD project. I’m using my mobile, so I can’t access any of the files, but you should be able to find what you need.

And now I’ve re-read your question and I think I missed your point… You want to buy your materials from inventables, but piecemeal fashion, cherry-picking the parts you want?

I’ll respond to this as you have asked it. Yes. The Xcarve is a cnc build kit in 3 sizes. It comes complete with all the parts you need and with downloadable assembly instructions.

If you mean can one buy individual parts here and there for a custom build, then the answer is yes, you can buy individual parts too. Click on the links below: