CNC engrave Vinyl wrap on acrylic

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got a project I am trying to figure out. Essentially I am using a acrylic board and applying vinyl wrap to it. it holds really well.

I am trying to do very small detail cuts and wondering if anyone has advise or experience with such a task? Basically I am not sure if it will work or if there is another bit that could do the job better.

I am thinking of using a engraving 60 degree bit to do very shallow passes, max 0.15mm. I am trying to avoid drag knife as the details are very small.

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The drag knives can usually handle pretty small detail. I would reach for the drag knife before I would go for an engraving tip.

Can you process the vinyl on a vinyl cutter and then apply it to the workpiece, or are you attaching the vinyl to the workpiece and then cutting it? If you’re applying it first, how are you going to weed out the waste pieces?

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Hi harry it will be applied onto the acrylic piece. I’m not sure what is a good drag knife for x carve. Cut out really small lettering, that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

How small is really small? 1/4" letters or smaller than that?

This is the typical vinyl cutter holder and knife set. It’s under $10. You would need to work out some sort of side mounting such as a tube with a spring inside to provide the downward force.

Personally, I have a stand alone Roland PNC vinyl cutter so I don’t use my CNC for cutting vinyl.

If adhered to the workpiece already, I would worry that weeding the vinyl might be extra difficult.

Warning fumes from this suggestion are toxic… If you have one of the blue diode laser kits attached like many of us do you can laser cut/engrave the image but depending on speed and color of both the vinyl and the acrylic you may get the image burned into the acrylic as well until you get it dialed in.

Hi Scott, that is what I am avoiding at all costs. its too dangerous. I will try and experiement with drag knifes and some sharp v blades. will report back here.

smaller, 2.3mm height for the letters

That’s small, a vinyl cutter would have a hard time cutting letters that small. I have engraved on acrylic before using an engraving bit. I applied masking paper to the plastic then engraved using a .005 engraving bit, then filled it in with black paint. Let it dry and remove the mask. The good thing about masking paper is if you apply Windex it helps loosen the bond. The masking paper is ApliTape 4075.
Good Luck

DO NOT do this!
Even for a 1-off

You’ll ruin your health and your machine.

just a PSA because this is a recurring dangerous suggestion all over DIY groups.

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@PhilipJensen What’s the end product? Maybe there’s a better way.