CNC Joinery- The Blind Dado

Has anyone been able to create a blind dado in Easel? I’m trying to create an open tray
(think box app generator with no top) for a coffee table, but i dont want to pocket a thick a piece of material, I want to join this tray, but i dont want the joinery to be revealed. I’ve seen Episode 4 of CNC basecamp, but I was wondering if anyone has created a blind dado with a qualified tenon to hide their joinery in Easel? or advice on how to do so in Vcarve also. Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated.

something like this?


Exactly! Vectric file to share? Haha how’d you do it?

just using a simple pocket
blind dado.crv (732 KB)

don’t forget to adjust the tool cutter setting


Simple ha! Haha thanks for sharing!

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