CNC machines (apart from X-Curve)

Hey guys!

I really like the features on Inventables but I was wondering if it would work on other machines apart from the ones Inventables is selling. This is because I am a secondary school student (Yr 11) from UK and there is limited accessibility to Curvey or X-Curve. My school will likely have to pay some business or other to curve our projects for us and that business may not use your machines. Speaking of which, this brings me to another question:

I realize that I can’t export any files I make here as STL. However, such aforementioned businesses request a STL file which they will proceed to use on their machines. There is no other way that I have been told of through which I will manage to cut out my project. My school may buy a CNC machine provided it’s affordable. Do you have any recommendations? Any product that is selling in UK, or specifically England? Shipping fees from USA would be too expensive… are they?

I was also wondering if you have any advice for how I should go about using Easel & still manage to cut out my project. Does Easel Pro offer any features that might help? I have a tight deadline (the middle of this month, January 2018 actually), so I am willing to pay to a certain degree if it means my project will get done.

Is there any other option apart from sending an email with instructions to the business (on how to access my Inventables account & find the file they need)?

I look forward to hearing from you.



Many Europeans buy their Xcarve through RoboSavvy. They have a warehouse in London.

I am in the midst of a hybrid build and doing a ox-cnc machine with a x-carve controller. X-carve was too expensive to bring into Australia and looked around and Ryan over at ooznest was supper helpful.

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I have not had any issue with generating the gcode, then exporting and running the gcode with Mach3 to the CNC I built which uses the G540 as the controller.

Note… generating the code and exporting in Easel.