Hi everyone,
I am a comblete newbie to CNC. I got very excited after discovering Easel and very determined to learn CNC taking Easel and my Illustrator-files as a starting point.
Do you think it is also easy to assemble the X-carve without any knowledge of CNC-machines in general and end up with a machine that will function and be adjusted the right way? Or would you recommend me to wait for the Carvey to be ready to ship…? (Problem is: I am too impatient to wait untill fall…)

X-Carve is similar in complexity to a child’s Erecta Set.

The assembly videos are available in sections, unfortunately they are not in any specific order, but you can see how to put the X-Carve together on YouTube.



You can find the full instructions, with step-by-step instructions and photos, here

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Will the machine need a lot of adjusting after assembling? And if yes, will this newbie be able to do it?
(I red and saw the ShapeOno2-users went through a lot of hassle to get the machine well adjusted…)

I was able to put the Shapeoko 2 together with no previous experience building machines like this. The X-Carve has half as many parts so I would expect it to be even easier to assemble. I found the most difficult part was the patience it requires to get everything level and correctly adjusted once you have it all put together.

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@TaitLeswing is working on a tuning video which should help you get your machine adjusted correctly.


A tuning video would be very helpful! Please let us know when it it is ready.