CNC Plotter - V2.0

Hi folks - just designed an improved version of the Roland cutter - enabling fast swap between different “tools” (i.e. pens). This makes it possible to first draw stuff and then cut it out.

To test the protoype I made a simple paper house using Onhapes new sheet metal design feature. Hope you like it, you can read more about it here

I use the brilliant Estlcam for CAM and controller - @ChristianKnull

Happy making!!

Here is the tool:

The cardboard house…and my cat :slight_smile:


I don’t know for sure, but you MAY be a super hero of some sort.

Ha ha :slight_smile:

Really worth trying to make this one, it will cost you less than 20usd and your cnc can suddenly do so much more!


One Like button for you, 5 for the old lovely guy sitting behind the house.:kissing_heart:

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Could you show it setup on your machine?

Hi Philip
If you follow the link in the description there are a couple of YouTube videos showing the plotter in action. Hope that helps :smile:


Found a way to calibrate the knife length

And today I made this doorsign for my son - impressed that even all those small details came out that good. Love my new toy :smiley: