CNC router services

I am looking for a shop to help with routing wooden parts for a prototype of a puzzle. Thanks David 920-883-7608

We can help

@DavidHatch, where are you located? It is definitely worth trying to get someone close to you for shipping considerations. Just keep that in mind …

Central Virginia here …


Brandon Parker

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Thanks for the reply. I’m a first timer to the site so I wasn’t sure if anyone was out there. I am located on the Door Peninsula of Wisconsin. Sister Bay actually. 54234 zip. I appreciate your comments regarding shipping but if that’s the only issue, no big deal. I look forward to more imput and hopefully help getting this project out the door. Thanks again 920-883-7608

Thank you for your reply to my search. I have a few pictures I can send you to show you the pieces and parts that are needing to be made. Please send email address etc. and a phone number so we can talk. Thank you David 920-883-7608