Cnc stops in the middle of a carve

my cnc stops in the middle of a carve for no apparent reason. I can’t get it to respond so I have to stop the project. Could a weak or spotty wi-fi signal be the cause?

Nothing with wifi to stop carving. Its because of USB disconnects signals from pc to cnc
you should add better USB cable or add separate USB hub.

I’ve wasted a number of hours and nice pieces of wood on this same problem. There doesn’t seem to be any reason for the random stoppages. I like easel as I’m very much a newbie but am reluctant to commit to pro if this is going to be an ongoing issue.

What sort of usb lead should I be looking for, and what difference would a hub make if it is the loss of signal from the laptop causing the stoppages, - I’m just confused?

The question is why the USB-link is interrupted, reasons can be many.

With an externally powered USB-hub the signal chain (in terms on noise rejection) is stronger. It may help.
If the USB-port manager go into sleep mode, it wont help.
If the router motor runs “dirty” aka making sparks/worn brushes the USB link suffer.
If your overhead lighting tubes have a poor “igniter”, it could disrupt the USB link.
Even static build-up can cause this.
USB cable with poor shielding, running parallell and too close to power cables can cause issues.

So its not a straight forward answer to your issues :frowning:
I hope the above can provide you with clues as to where to look :slight_smile:
This is a common issue with all USB-based CNC-machines, USB is a weak link.

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Great, thanks for your explanation

Mine does this when the router brushes start to go, I even have a powered USB cable and my dust collection is grounded