CNC To The Rescue!

@JkWestphal Before I got my CNC, I made a set of vent covers to go over the bedroom doors after ripping out an air duct. I used a router, but this would be the perfect kind of job for the X-Carve.

I think Steve Ramsey made some to go in the floor out of 1" thick stock.

I hear you I built a custom computer for my cad work

3tb hdd and 120gb ssd
Triple 40" monitors
I-7 processor

But lol I have filled it with dust more than once when my x-carve was in the house

But yeah these old computers work great for the machines and are cheap to replace

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I need to make one to fit on the toe kick under the kitchen sink cabinet. We installed ceramic tile on the floor but didnt want to remove all the cabinets and reset everything, including the sink and dishwasher plumbing.
When we were done, the old grill would not fit over the opening, it was hitting the underside of the cabinet.

@RobertA_Rieke, thanks, I should be able to use your plan to generate something to work for me. (with your blessing of course…)

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I made it up and didn’t put it on the computer, but you’re free to use it. May want to make it a W or a bunch of squiggles in the middle though, since I did the R for our last name. But whatever floats your boat. :smile:

Clean you x-carve much lol

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I plan on setting my electronics in a filtered enclosure.
Nov I move and will have a decent setup. I will finally have a garage to work out of. :smiley:

oh yeah here is an enclosure that I am working on for the laser it will be ventilated

also been fixing a little bit of the wiring


well this is a problem for sure lol

from the top of the table I only have 23" before I hit the roof above my machine (represented by the grey bars)

and currently the lid only opens 12 degrees

anyone have any ideas on how to fix this problem so I have full access to the machine

actually this is a better representation I can go 17 degrees still not enough though :frowning:

I lied here is the maximum travel

If you want to think outside the box (pun intended) How about an accordion slider? Cut all your acrylic into 3" strips and then join them with clear vinyl. Cut tracks for the side.

hmm good I idea but I think that would be rather complicated and hard to keep air tight

Doesn’t have to be air tight, you just have to have more negative pressure on the inside. On my giant laser cutter it’s open bottom but my exhaust fan pulls so much air that it’s not a problem.


could you recommend a exhaust fan for this setup?

The one I’m using on the giant cutter was a pain to get and uses 900w of power alone but there is a similar one with the same specs and uses less power. however considering how small an x-carve is. (My laser is 4ft c 3ft cutting area and the build chamber is 6ft x 5ft) I bet you could get away with a 6" model.

hmm interesting I wonder if I could get a 3d model of that unit or some extremely accurate measurements so I can model put it into my model

I would doubt it. These darn things change every other week. I’ve used a bunch of them. However there are several of them on Amazon Prime so you could order/measure/return them. :slight_smile:

Also on my cutter I just mount a flange on the case and then put the blower under it.


and what do you do about a charcoal filter is there one built into that blower or is that something separate

They are completely separate but I exhaust outside and if you’re cutting acrylic don’t use just a charcoal filter. It won’t get all the toxics out and you’ll be dead. You need serious filters for that. or if you want to go pro and have lots of money… might be more your style.