CNC xPRO V3 Controller

Has anyone used this controller for their X-Carve? It looks reasonably priced for building a custom controller. What else would I need in setting up the electronics?


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Looks like a complete controller. Just connect your motors, switches, and power supply.
The max current for the motor drivers is 2.2A on that board, so be aware of your motor requirements. (X-Controller is 4A, I believe)

I haven’t, but:

Like Neil suggest it is a complete controller sans PSU and steppers. One board with all, so if one driver go bad…

In function = 1x Arduino and 4x stepper drivers.

For the Xcarve with the typical Nema23´s you’d want 2,8A current limit per motor, exceeding the capacity of this board.


Thanks for the help!

i have the CNC xPRO V3 Controller and it work with easel and it only cost $120

cncxpro-fan-mount3.pdf (164.3 KB) (164.3 KB)

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