Cnc4newbies 1000mm upgrade

I just did the cnc4newbies 1000mm upgrade and would like to know if anyone else has done the same.
When it comes to re-calibrating the the GRBL setting and it asks what machine you have do you do this as if it’s a X-Carve or do you put it in as other? I have tried it both way and I am having problems getting the controller to accept the code given by cnc4newbies. like $100 or $101.
Any help would be great and yes I’m new to this.
Thank you

These are the GRBL settings. You need to go into Easel and do the changes. Click on Machine/Advanced/Machine Inspector. Then in the console window type $100=133.333 and enter
Then type $101=133.333 and enter. Lastly $102=200.236 and Enter. That should change them. I don’t use Easel but that is how it is done in UGS. Type $$ in the console window to see all the values.

I did the upgrade a few months ago and the only thing I changed were the settings. I also upgraded the stepper motors

Is that for the CNC4Newbies upgraded? When I did mine I set it at $102=50.059

Looks like a different microstep setting?
What controller?


That is what is on the cnc4newbies website for the upgrade for the x carve. I am not sure if it is what the OP is referring to or not, but the process of changing the $$ would be the same

. It appears that it is for the demon controller.

ULTIMATE upgrade kit for X-carve, Shapeoko, openbuild … (

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Ok , Thanks guys.
I have the list from cnc4newbies and had tried most of the day to get the x controller to accept it.
finally after most of the day was gone it accepted it. Did not a thing different.

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