Cncjs depth per pass issues

I’ve recently instaled the raspberry pi docker version of cncjs and I’m having an issue with my cuts just going to final depth. For instance I created a pocket with vcarve and my 1/8 endmill depth per pass should be .03, but when using cncjs, it drops to the full depth of the projector the first pass. Has anyone experienced this issue? Also, anyone using vcarve with cncjs, what post processor are you using? I have tried both .nc and .pp (easel and x-carve Goode (inches). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

CNCjs, like any serial streamer, just passes your gcode to the controller…it won’t change those commands.
How did you zero your Z axis?
Can you share your gcode and/or .crv file?

I am using the triquetra probe. I use the z probe option to set Z. I measured the probe and entered the thickness with my calipers. BM Inlay [Pocket].nc (464.9 KB)

Your gcode is not showing a .03" depth. Looks like you have it set at 6mm as it is going to -0.2362" right away.
You’re setting something incorrectly in V-Carve.
I’m seeing a 6mm DOC with a total depth of 7mm.

I’m not sure, what I am doing wrong in V-Carve. I am attaching the the .crv for my inlay, if you could help me understand, I would greatly appreciate it.BMTEST2.crv (4.8 MB)

Start depth + 0.04" depth per pass (on engraving bit) gets the depth in gcode.

The .crv I uploaded was for a V-carve inlay. I was under the impression that the inlay layer should start with a greater start depth. I thought that the depth per pass would be .04” per pass until it got to the desired depth. I took the settings from MTM as I’m doing a cutting board. Is this not the correct way?

Got a link to where you got the settings?
My guess is that he is using a beefier machine or even a beefier endmill.

Here is the link to his instructables article but the settings I used were from plans I purchased and converted from mm to inches. I believe you are correct, he does seem to have a beefier CNC.

Can you use a 60deg endmill and maybe a 0.1" start depth?
How are you planning to cut off the excess inlay material?

Yes I have a 60 degree. I will try it out tomorrow. I will be using my band saw and drum sander to take care of the excess material.

Hello Neil,

I was able to change me start depth to 0.1" and test. This seems to be what I was doing incorrectly. Thank you for your help. As you stated previously, MTM has a much beefier CNC and is able to cut deeper per pass than I.

Thanks again.


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