Cold weather shop

I am contemplating buying an X Carve. My temporary shop is in my garage in northern Illinois. It gets really cold here in December and January. Does anyone know if this will affect the operation of my X Carve?

It will not affect the machine but you could have trouble with keeping the waste board flat.


I was wondering about that too. I’ll have a small electric heater out there. But, I don’t know that it will be enough. I’ll probably need to insulate and bring a bigger heater in.
Thanks, Wayne!! :+1:


I would warm up the room a bit before running if you plan to run the machine over winter in there, but other than that and the wood movement that Wayne mentioned it wouldn’t be an issue at all.

Well if you upgrade to a water cooled spindle you might want some antifreeze in the water but that’s probably a very uncommon upgrade anyway :laughing:

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Water cooled will only be needed on those summer days when it gets up in the low 100s here. Lol.

mine gets to about 18 at night. had mine for a few years with no problems i do warm it up before doing anything just for my comfort to .

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I’m not sure how to post. Can’t find a “write” like you would find on a gmail account or aol. My question is how do you find th corret starting point between bit changes for rough cut and detail cut. I’m always off a just a hair. It messes things up. Why doesn’t it just go back to 0-X and O-Y?

This button here

Have you turned on torque locking? Once that is done, then you’d just probe for z and select “use last xy” no need to home between bit swaps either.

But personally I use a different gcode sender… I still design in easel, but then export the gcode and send with openbuilds control… it allows me to just click a button and it’ll go to work zero position… it also shows the work position throughout the carve :man_shrugging:

Thanks! I I’ll look for torque locker!

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