Cold Weather

It’s Winter in Minnesota and I wanted to let you know that operating an X-Carve in winter does work. It doesn’t harm the machine any. Today it was -10 degrees Fahrenheit in my garage. The motors were frozen stiff. A small milkhouse heater hooked up to blow on the motors was all it took to free it. After 30 minutes of the heater running the machine was back up and running with no issues! If anyone is worried about the cold-hardiness of the machine my opinion is to not worry about it! This thing is a tank!

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Eh. I don’t mind the cold! It grows beard hairs haha

This is great news. Thanks. Tom-and-Jerry

I used to think that when I lived in Iowa, but my beard grows just fine in Texas :wink:

Yeah I suppose haha

Minnesota, the land of blonde hair and blue ears!

I would however be cautious of the belts in sub temps… anything cold can snap inopportunely. Run talking bout Hawaii temps… im just sitting her with a look like Kermit the frog. :slight_smile:

Oh for sure. I have a heater that I let run over it to slowly warm it up for an hour and a half before I run it every day! I use it as a little side business / hobby and it makes for an interesting day!