Collapsible Dollhouse - looking to test Easel

Hi all,

I designed and built a very simple, 3 piece “collapsible dollhouse” - I’d like to try carving one I’ve created with Easel software. I want to share the pattern on this forum, but I’d like to test to make sure it works. The original was made on a giant shop bot.

I’m trying to find an X-carve or Carvey in a library (I’m on the north side of Chicago). The Chicago Public Library maybe has one? Their site doesn’t list what they currently have. Does anyone know where I could get access to one? PS1 has a Shapeoko that’s not working, so I thought I’d ask here.

Don’t know if this helps any.

Thank you, Shane. I’m a member of PS1, and I know we only have a Shapeoko that’s not working, no X-Carve or Carvey. I’ll keep looking, I can call Chicago Public Library, etc. Thx.

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