Collet Lock Device pattern for a dewalt 611

Hi Does anybody have the collet Lock Device pattern for a dewalt 6111?
I had it and have lost the one I made and the pattern.
than you in advance.
is this what your after?

It will not open

Here is what I came up with.
It fits really well, and holds the locking mechanism.

WOW! Thank You, I Do Not Have One Of Those!!!

so i guess i got the wrong idea

I would like to see a picture or two of this mounted I have not seen this before

Here is the lock in action on a YouTube video.

That’s pretty cool I think I’ll make one

That was my original design which I 3D printed. The .stl file is in projects somewhere.

Yes, Allan, I don’t have my 3d printer going yet, so I took a screenshot of the design, and I modified the pattern by thickening and beefed up the tab that holds the pin in, and made it out of two pieces of 1/4” plywood, and glued them together.
THANK YOU for the original design!!!

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