Color-coded pdf poster of all the bit sizes?

I was wondering if someone has created or if the Inventables people have done this. A color-coded poster of all the different bits and the colors of the bands. This is a little thing, and I know the size of the bit is printed extremely small on the ring, but I have to use a magnifying glass to read the print (darn old man eyes!).

It would be much easier if there was a downloadable chart with this information that I could print out and post near my X-Carve.

What I did was to keep the bits in the plastic container they came in, and write on the outside (with a Sharpie) the size, and type of cut, and also the colour of the ring eg: “1/8 spiral upcut, white”. Makes it much easier to pick the right bit.

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I didn’t make this, but I don’t remember who did to give adequate credit. Hopefully it will prove helpful. And whoever knows the origin, feel free to chime in!

Edit: It was @JoeSimone, and his original thread is here:

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This is great. It is the best one I’ve seen

However… that chart only applies to Inventables bits.

I get most of my bits on Ebay (drillman) and can tell you that the colored rings are not always an indication of what bit you are using. I do not think there is any “standard” to the colored rings.

Thanks, the chart is perfect for me, as I will be getting most of my bits from Inventables. For the others bits, I will mark the case with a Sharpie.

This forum is fantastic!