Color fill the engraving

Hello everyone I am having a bit of an issue and I need to get it figured out so any help would be appreciated I am also trying to keep cost and time in consideration

So basically I need to turn the engraved portion black

Here are my thoughts on what to do

Stain and poly my board then engrave the design onto it then use black wood filler to turn the engraving black then spray poly over the entire thing to seal it

what do you think of my method I really need to get this figured out so all help would be appreciated


I have been using 2 part epoxy that I get from Amazon for filling cuts. I’ve used powdered pigments and even food coloring. I spray the piece with shellac after cutting and then do the epoxy. Sanding after dry and then put on final wood finish.

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Sealing the wood prior to carving, then filling the carved section with colour, doesn’t work on porous wood. You’ll end up with “furry” edges where the tint seeps into the fibres of the wood.
Seal the entire thing after carving, wipe (and/or sand) the surface clean and then seal, wax, oil, shellac varnish etc.

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