Colored hot glue for inlay?

Havent tried it, thought about it after seeing something similar at Hobby Lobby, but opted for 2 part colored epoxy instead.

Love to hear about your results though… much cheaper than epoxy, and I’m thinking you could sand a little easier too.

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I wonder if clear would even stick to it. It’s probably waxy.

I did the obvious. Google: what is hot glue made of.

“This material is commonly made from combinations of ethylene vinyl acetate, resin, wax, and any assortment of polyamides, polyethylenes, polyester or polypropolenes. It’s usually supplied in solid cylindrical sticks of various diameters and lengths, designed to be melted in an electric glue gun.”

maybe if you left it a little shallow and spread a thin layer 2 part epoxy over it. definitely worth a test. wouldn’t cost much to try.

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Hey Phil, have not test this colored one but you cannot Sand this really good, and I think a top coat rubbs off.

It is only a low Temperatur Polyethylen “glue” please note the different thermal expansion coefficient. The glue expans / contracts very much faster then wood, so your surface and corners Can be Tear.

I test the clear and Black one, they dont want to run in all the small gabs.

The razor blade must be sharpe like the f… Hell, if not, it rubbs off and dissolves from the underground.

But Iam interested in your experience, and if it works, I let convince me.

It’s ausome. I do a rough pass with the glue gun and pop the piece in a warm oven. Melts into all the detail like water in a lake


Would the excess hot glue sand off easily, or would it just make the wood all gummy? I’m hesitant to sand excess non-spray paint since it seems to just smear around instead of sand off, even after it’s fully dry, and I’m guessing hot glue would do the same thing.

@MilesHill, that’s beautiful! Do you pre-seal the wood, or does it stay thick enough that it won’t creep into the grain?

I didn’t do any prep or finish work out side of the glue. I can see it soaked into the wood slightly. Not sure if that would come out with a quick sanding.

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Has anyone tried to use a colored wood putty as inlay material?

Saw this video about mixing color into the oil based putty


Sawdust and glue seems to work

It might work better using wood flour

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I’ve done the hot glue inlay - it works great. You just melt it flat in the oven or with a heat gun. LED’s behind it diffuse light really well.


Have you got a picture?

Great ideas!

I use a sharpie marker to color the insides of everything

A spray coat of clear enamel then fill the space with coloured putty/body filler. Then sand and final finish with the spray enamel.

This is using sharpie marker then spraying a clear coat over the top


you should not sand hot glue unless you do it very carefully by hand with low pressure. I would use a scraper first then light sanding. That way the glue will not stretch and come out of the pocket.

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Lisa - I’m interested in how you made the breast cancer boards. Did you pocket the letters or engrave using a v-cutter or something?

I design everything in CorelDraw, save as an SVG and import into Easel. I bought Aspire but have yet to learn the program.

Another Sharpie coloring. I wanted the wood to stand out more than the image on it.

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