Coloring book page to reality

My wife has a colouring book with sugar skulls in it so I kinda took a page from the book in her absence and scanned a page. I made her this picture with easel and the veroni generator along with f-engrave on weathered board scrap along with a walnut stand.


Very nice, she’ll love it. fantastic job distressing the frame.
I wouldn’t mess with this one, but maybe make her another one she can paint, just like the coloring book, and then frame that one too?


Well, thanks. It shure as hell there now!


Hey @ShaneBell, is it possible that you share to project file from your stands?

What is the thickness of the item you would be attaching these to?

Approx 20 mm, but this thickness I Can edit in the File

When I get back from town I’ll make one up. Are you using easel or something like fusion?

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Thanks Shane, I use easel, but i have also Adobe Illustrator so I Can open dxf and so on.

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.svg file


pic stand.dxf (3.6 KB)

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Thanks @ShaneBell and @B.F

Ill test it next week

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