Combine/align a shape on top of another?

Hello, I created a triangle on top of a rectangle (looking like a house a kid would draw). I was able to center them together on the horizontal axis. I do not see an option to align the triangle on top of the rectangle though… so I struggled alining them manually (while squinting though my glasses). I combined the 2 shapes… the preview looked great… and when I carved with a V bit it left a little ledge between the 2 shapes!!! Why? I even calculated the Y position of the triangle bottom based off of the Y position of the rectangle + the height of the rectangle. What else can I do?

To align things in that manner, it involves a multi-step process.

  1. Select the two objects and “Align Center”
  2. Select the bottom object and select one of the top position points as shown below. Copy the Y-Position…


  1. Select the top object and select one of the bottom position points as shown below. Paste the copied Y-Position into the top objects Y-Position block and hit Enter.


  1. Select both objects and Combine.

Sometimes you will have to edit the points to get rid of an unwanted artifact, you may have to add a little object behind the “seem”, or move the top one down by just a smidge to get them to combine completely.

Overall, it normally works out with no issues. I use that method all the time…

Give that a try and see if it does what you want.


Brandon R. Parker

@BrandonR_Parker , Am baffled (again) is this related to the row of rectangles along the top of the left hand screen, and if so how does one use them?

Yes, There are buttons for this that appear at the top, as well as under the Edit menu (when 2 or more objects are selected)…

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