Combining letters for a logo, for a cutout, for an inlay

I am brand new to this whole thing. I don’t even have my X-carve pro yet. I understand the app for doing an inlay. I want to combine 3 letters to make an inlay with them. I figured out how to combine the letters but when I select the proper cut path to make the inlay it cuts up the letters still individually. See attached photo.

As you can see the one on the right would carve out what I am looking for but the one on the left where I am cutting the outside of the shape it still cutting the insides of the D and the G where they merge…I want this as an inlay…Any help would be appreciated.

You need to select all 3 and then choose “Combine” from the menu.

I swear that’s what I did…But I just individually selected each letter and did combine and now it looks perfect. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!


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