Combining text and rectangle

hi i want to carve a rectangle with text on top. i tried combine but that doesn’t work

where the text starts the recatangle shout stop. now the letters are separated from the rectangle. can this be done in easel ?

thanks for reply


Yes, you need to lower the letters so its inside the box just a little. Set the box and letters to Clear Out Pocket and you will see the space between your letters and the box.


thanks russell

regards jean-marie

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All you have to do is select the “rectangle” shape from the drawing menu and draw the rectangle where you want it.

Then “select” the rectangle and start typing. It will fill the text into your rectangle. You can also just paste your text into the text box.

I had to test this out real quick, I’m definitely interested in learning about new features… but it looks like maybe you’re using a different program for this process. :man_shrugging:

hi russell gave me the solution. so my problem is solved. i dont know if there is a “solved” button in this mail system. today i milled 2 plaques. they are not perfect but now i know how to do. thanks to all who replyed to my question

regards jean marie


just for info

i still need to clean up the back side (end mill was not deep enough ) and paint/varnish the wood.
the last N is missing a part in ON7EN but that is my fault. i forgot to shut the motor.

happy milling on7en

(i hope everybody understaind my skool english) learned it 45 years ago

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