Compass on the ceiling

Hey everyone, I have a project i am working on and it involves covering a hole in the ceiling. The building was build in the late 1800s and is right on the ocean, I’m looking to carve a compass with proper North orientation and proper bearing of the building. Were at 13 degrees heading. The feed back I’m looking for is what I should do with the East and West orientation. The compass will always be mounted on the ceiling so with that in mind I switched around the East and West to match a true to the directions. If the E/W are not swapped then the W on the compass will point East. Should I keep them swapped to be true to the direction or should I make the compass a legit compass and have them pointing opposite the actual direction.
thanks for the input in advance.
the carve is 24" and the ceiling is 10 feet tall so it will be very visible.

Sounds like a very cool project. I would keep everything pointing in its true direction. Almost as if you are standing under a see-through compass looking up. Then you can use the numbers to point out the directional bearings of other thing s to friends.

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I’ve made a lot compass signs that are installed on crane rails, I’ve always switched the W and E.
The crane rails are on the ceiling.



I have a compass generator out on Thingiverse. I threw in a few tweaks and reversed the bearings so it will be correct on the ceiling.

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this is where im at with it. the heading is under the 4 in 34 at the top

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Reversing the E / W direction is very thought provoking, (and a bit confusing). But I like your idea and the design very good looking.

It looks fantastic. The raised numbers, marks and lettering can take a lot of time. Still, something this good is worth it.

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if i use a 1/4" roughing bit and slow it down (i did a test carve of a slice of the project) i can get the time around 7 hours. 60 degree for finish.