Complete 9mm belt upgrade for 500mm machine

I recently upgraded to a screw-drive setup, so my previous 9mm belt upgrade is available. Includes all necessary motor & idler pulleys, and 4 belts (one spare). My machine is 500 x 750, so 1 of the belts will need to be shortened. This uses zip-tie saddles to anchor the ends of the belts. The belts are genuine Gates Powergrip. This also includes a 15mm belt upgrade for the Z axis.
$50 shipped (48 states), PayPal only.

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what is the part number for Z Linear Rail System?

MGN12 x 200

I’m interested. WHat next?

I will message you and we can figure out the details.

What is your experience with that Z slider option? Not to pleased so far with the 8" cnc4newbies flexing.

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@SteveMilby I’ve been completely satisfied with this setup. I’ve since switched to a DeWalt 611, and it handles this router equally well. I know the cnc4newbies has been and continues to be a very popular option, but as a tool designer, I don’t favor the design.

Bump, still available.

Still available?

Yes, it is.

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