Completed First 3D Carve

Disclaimer: Please do not ask me to share the file for this 3D carve as I am not allowed to since it was purchased . If you would like to have files like these you can get them from, there is no licensese to buy one you purchase the files you can reproduce the items for sale.

I used 1/8 2 Flute for rough and 1/8 Ballnose for finish, I used pine since this was my first time.

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If that’s what the seller is telling you then they are lying to your face… potentially putting you at risk of catching a lawsuit as well.

The Copyright Act as well as the USMC Trademark Licensing office, and their enforcement Lawyers have a different standpoint on using their IP… In 2021 the site Patriot Nation Designs caught 2 cease and desists for selling USMC trademarks, its just a matter of time until the site you listed catches their own papers about their sales of the files…

The Hobbyist license is easy to obtain and you can stay out of legal troubles by following their rules when using it…

Thank you for the info .

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