Complicity of curving


How complex can be my cuving with x-curve? Can I much this work?

The X Carve is capable of that kind of work, however you will need additional software to generate 3d tool paths.
Easel the free software from inventables only designs in 2d. Some call it 2.5d.

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You can absolutely do that kind of work.
Here is one that I did recently.
Solid red oak.
Its not finished yet, but you get the idea.


Looks great! What software are you using to generate this kind of 3d image?

I use Vectric desktop exclusively.
However, I cannot design in 3D.
You would need Aspire (or some other 3D software) to be able to design in 3D.
Those are 4 separate imported models that I have manipulated to get the desired effect.
It seems that I have seen that file before though.
Very pretty scene.

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The X-carve is when its all boiled down motion on 3 axes and a spinning bit. The controller for the Xcarve only provide axes motion.

Relief carves are generated in design software and as long as this design software can export gcode the Xcarve can perform them.

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