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Happy New Year.

I’ve been using an old laptop for all my easel work. I’m thinking of upgrading to a new MacBook. would this work for easel. Any suggestions? Thank you.


MacBooks generally work, there might need to be certain add-ons installed to the browser for the webGL to work for the simulation pane, but there is a whole (simple) guide on the WebGL website to test and it show you want to install… it’s a very simple process and usually doesn’t even need done, only for certain MacOS’s

Thank you very much. So a MacBook will do or do you suggest another. Just figured a MacBook will help out with other home responsibilities?

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Early 2015 Macbook user here…we got ours to work, that’s because it’s an older Mbook…I know there is an issue with newer Macbooks…Genmitsu 3018 Pro Resources - SainSmart Resource Center

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I use a newer MacBook Air. Works great.

I have an old SONY laptop running Windows 10 with a broken keyboard. Anything mainstream will work. Last time I checked there were no drivers for chrome books. I like the idea of keeping my xcarve computer separate from my cad/development computer and transfer all files electronically.

Chromebook’s will NOT work. Found that out the hard way.

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