Computer virus

had cuts just taking a random path sometimes starting the work at random points went nuts for 2 days trying to figure out the issue found that i had a virus on the computer got it removed and all works fine. so just letting you all know if your machines acts up after running fine for a long time this could be one thing you might want to check into

this is the #1 reason I run Linux (Ubuntu 15.4).

I got so tired of Microsoft’s incessant “need” to get a virus that I just got away from it. I still think that 90% of “viruses” are created and released by Anti-virus software companies…

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did a reinstall and the comp will only be used for cnc and youtube

This is the #1 reason I’ll be running a Masso :wink:

Actually many viruses still originate from the Russian mofia, and if a company did create a virus they wouldn’t be able to keep it secret (employees regularly go from one company to another). Once word got out that a anti-virus company wrote a virus, they’d be hung by social media and probably go out of business quick. Having said that, some anti-virus programs (rhymes with torton) can affect your computer the same as a virus would, and can do damage to your computer if you try to remove it (just like a virus would).