Confused about Wiring

There seems to be some contadictive assembly instructions regarding wiring.
Some instructions indicate wiring right to left ( Black, Green, Blue, Red).
And when wiring the Y axis with the alternative wire switch (white in stead of blue)
Switch then to blue and red plus red and white.
Other instructions for X controller say switch black and green.

What is the right wiring for the new X Carve??


It kinda doesn’t matter as long as you have the phases together. Red and blue and black and green. I wired my machine red,blue(white) - green,black. The white wire is there because the accompanying wire for assembly doesn’t have blue it has white. So the white wire becomes the blue wire. On one of the Y axis motor flip the red and blue(white) wires to one of the motors. It’s facing the opposite direction of the other. This will have hem turn the same direction. I hope this makes sense.


Thanks for replying. I am a beginner to this so I appreciate your patient.

Since I purchased the new x controller the wiring seems different.
The orginal instructions have me wiring right to left( Black, Green, Blue, red)

The X controller shows the wiring Left to right ( Black, Green,Blue Red).
Plus I see that they show the Y axis motors being wired directly to the X controller
Y1 and Y2 while the original instructions show to consolidate them on the Left side terminal
before going to the controller.

Should I split the Y axis wiring now and which direction should the coloring go?


Yes my friend we have all been there lol. I used this forum religiously for a few months after I got my machine.
So I just looked at the instructions and understand your confusion. So I’ll explain a bit. You have 2 phase 4 wire steppers. Red -Blue is a phase & Black and Green are a phase. The connections on the controller are as follows left to right.
A+,A- B+,B- A is a phase. And B is a phase.

If you take your steppe motor wire and separate them so they aren’t touching. And turn the shaft by hand. That’s turning free. Now connect the Red Wire and the Blue wire together and feel the difference when you try to turn the shaft. That’s a phase. So Red to Blue. And Green to black. It doesn’t matter where you put R/B phase or G/B phase as long as they are in the same phase on the controller. A+ Red. A- Blue. B+ Green B- Black. Or G/B on the A side and R/B on the B side.

Ok catch your breath

Now for the reverse wording of you Y2 stepper. If you look at the set up of your X axis plates ( that’s where you install the steppers that drive the Y axis). The pulleys face each other. So you have to reverse the direction of one of them. So the drive in the same direction. So if you take your blue wire (white if you remember) and trade places with the red wire it will reverse the drive direction of that stepper.

I hope this helps without causing more confusion I tried to explain it the best way I could lol. I’m (along with many others) always around to help if I can.


Thanks for the explanation, I think I understand it a little bit better. I just want to make sure that if
I do mix up the wiring is there any way I can burn out anything?


No I don’t think so. Your motors just won’t run right. Just hook up in this order from left to right.

X Axis Red, Blue(white) , Green ,Black.

Y1 Same as above

Y 2 Blue(White) , Red , Green ,Black

ZAxis Same as first two.

It doesn’t matter which Y motor goes to Y1 or Y2. Just make shure you switch one set of wires.

Yeah !!!

I got it to work.Now I need to do some fine adjustments.

Thanks for all the help I’m sure it won’t be the last time you hear from me.

One last question.

What are the 3 buttons in the front of the X controller for?


Hey Greg…

The 3 buttons on the front are the same as would see on a dvd player… From left to right… Pause, Play and Stop.

Pause button allows you to pause the carve (in case you need to move that beer… err… measuring tape off the table in case it gets in the way) Play allows you to resume the carve (Once you have moved the beer) … X is to stop the process completely.

The big red button is stop everything… (and likely caused by the beers…)

Have fun !

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Thanks !!

It’s been challenging getting to this point, but finally starting to see results.


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Awesome!! Glad you got bit working. Can’t wait to see some cool stuff