Connecting Letters in font

Good Morning, I am trying to cut out name signs using the font in easel. I am using both capital and lowercase letters. I am needing the dot on top of the I to connect to the rest of the letters. Any recommendations on how to do this or how to connect letters that aren’t connected on the font would be great.

You can use the Exploder app in Easel to free the dot in the “i”.
That will split the single object into two separate which then again can be rearranged relative to each other.

Thank you so much!

Ok so I have another quick question. I am trying to cut it out using outline. When I use the Exploder app and rearrange my letters, it is still showing where it will be cut out individually. I want all of the letters and dots connected so when cutting out using outline they all stay together. Can you help me out with this also? Am I missing something to do?

  • Explode the letters, set all of them to Fill as path
  • Arrange them so they connect as you desire
  • Select all objects and choose “Combine”
  • Now set path to inside/on/outside of path as desired
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I’m assume the finished typography is standing alone, you can use the old trick of connection the disjointed parts with a support segment at a different depth (and some people mask those supports with paint or whatnot)

Thank you so much for all the help. I have figured it out!