Connecting to Easel issues

I have been using Easel for approx 4 years with no issues whatsoever , I have a wifi expander and use my machine out in the shed . Problems started when we changed to a fibre update with the network .
A new router was provided and configured with the wifi expander , everything was working as usual until I try my CNC machine and Easel , Easel will not connect to the machine , but here’s the twist if I turn off wifi and hot spot off my phone using data I can get things to work … very strange , can anyone enlighten me as to where I can possibly sort this problem

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Hi Shane, what’s interesting here is that Easel doesn’t actually use internet to calculate toolpaths or send the carve.
You could do all the design work, then set the computer to airplane mode and it’ll calculate and operate the cnc.
Possibly a firewall setting on the new wifi network is causing the issue, preventing the cnc from accessing the usb connection :man_shrugging:

Thanks for reply … I’m totally green when it comes to settings , whats really odd is once I’ve hot spotted my phone (data) and I get the green button for carve I can then change back to standard wifi from internet provider and things will stay running

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