Connecting to easel

hello there everyone,
im new to X carve and this forum so be nice, lol
my issues with easel were not the setup and initial connection, i set up the machine and downloaded the driver just fine. i worked on a few small projects , and completed them after figuring out the software.
my issue was that i use my laptop for many other things so when i was done using x carve i shut it down and shut down easel then went on with my day, the next day i tried to connect to x carve and easel and had to go through the whole driver download and machine setup before i could use it again. please tell me that is not normal if you disconnect the laptop from the x carve. i havent used it since so i cannot say that i have to do it all over again. please help.

That is not normal.
Sounds like a PC/browser issue tough ?

(sorry, dont have a fix to provide)