Connection from PC to MX4660

I am not a CNC tech! lol

I have a MX4660 controller and a mini-itx PC running Win 10 64bit, and thinking about using UCCNC. It is in the finishing stages. And I’d like advice.

I am looking at using the ESS by Warp9 (ethernet) to connect with. Along with one of many 12v relays to engage pumps and optional equipment.

I am seeking advice and best practice on how this should be done. Wiring, additions and methods?

The wires will be tidied up later.

Yup, thought the very same thing! I have posted in many forums, and know there are people out there that know this stuff…but I can’t seem to find them, or I lack the ability to understand the ones I do find!

I saw a few posts pertaining to this field here, so I posted. Worth a try, right Robert.

I started on an X-Carve, and still use it!