Connection issue

Is the Easel program functional only when connected to the internet?

I don’t have the best WiFi in my workshop and during a project, the X-Carve just stopped as if I had pushed the emergency stop button. I had to reset, close the software and restart from the carve, having to watch the X-Carve air-carve everything until it reached the stopping point. The project finished okay but time was wasted.

Will Easel function without internet connection once I have loaded a project and started a carve (buffered in the computer or X-Carve memory)?

If not, is there a method to install memory in the X-Controller to allow the system to continue to function without an internet connection?


You need connection to open Easel and design / use previous made designs since it is cloud based.
Once open and all you want to do is carve, then internet is no longer required as Easel run a local host for sending the gcode to your machine.

Thank you, so if I understand you correctly, the X-Carve system has an internal memory that stores the project G-Code sent through Easel. If that is the case, what could have stopped my project carve? There were no obstructions or power outages. The machine simply stopped, raised the bit and shut off the spindle.

I know there are a lot of possibilities, but has anyone experienced this before?

I’m not an Easel user, but this topic comes up frequently on the forum. You might try a different G-code sender to see if it’s an Easel error, or something else.

A frequent culprit is people have their computer goes to sleep which kills the USB connection. Nothing is actually stored on the X-Controller. It is converting the incoming stream of G-code from your computer to motor power signals. So interrupting the stream, stops the machine.

However, what you described of stopping in place, raising the bit and shutting off the spindle is what happens when the pause button on the X-controller is pressed. If it had been an e-stop, it would have stopped in its tracks.

Couple of thoughts to consider. Hope you sort it out.