Connection issues, FRONT LED won't light

Hello, Xcontroller powers on with fan and rear LED. Front LED does not light. Mac can not find xcarve, front buttons do noting.
I have checked all the ribbon cables connection. Flipped their orientation. checked the estop and its connections and orientation.basically took the xcontroller apart and rebuilt paying close attention to the above.

at a loss as to what the issues could be.

I know this is obvious but do you know the USB slot and cable are working just a guess

I’ve tried different cables as well as directly from board to mac

I have seen in a few threads the little connector into the board inside is not clicked in hard or is faulty maybe open the top and push on it or wiggle it a bit.

Check to see if your Emergency button is pulled up and locked.

Emergency button is not in the emergency position

Yup. Basically re assembled the whole xcontroller