Connection to other grble ..sainsmart PROver

i have downloaded the drivers. set the model and options and hit connect. it stays on the connection screen and never goes farther. others run this but no idea why it is not working.

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Richard, did you ever figure out the answer to this? I’m trying yo set up the 4030 and having the same issue. I know it can be done - I saw it in the Youtube video where I first learned about Easel. Thanks!

@SusanMWalters Make sure any other programs are closed and you don’t have an offline controller connected to the machine.
Beyond that… Describe what you do and what what happens. There are a lot of reasons a machine might not connect.

Thanks! I had to manually set the COM port, and then it connected just fine. I’m using a tiny laptop that only has one USB port, so I assumed it would choose that by default, but apparently not.