Connectivity Issues Resolved

I wanted to share my recent issues. When I first got the XCarve about 6 months ago I had maybe 10 disconnects over the first month. After reading the forums I switched out my usb cable and isolated the breaker the XCarve and computer is on. After that I’ve had close to a thousand carves and never had an issue. A couple weeks ago I started having connectivity issues. Out of about 20 tries only one finished (on a 10 min carve). All the carves were designs I had already run. No change to items on breaker. I tried Easel and Picsender, reloaded firmware, changed usb cable, changed usb port, restarted computer, checked power mgmt settings, all to no avail. Lastly I tried running it on my laptop and it worked so I added a powered usb hub and a UPS to the desktop and problem solved. I am not sure what happened to my power coming in all of a sudden but it’s back to normal. Very relieved as I am behind on projects!