Consistent tracking issue with!

I’ve yet to complete a project without the machine skipping, usually happens when the machine lifts the bit to move to a new section. I’m pretty sure it’s an operator or assembly issue. Yet I haven’t been able to identify the issue. I’m running Easel with safari and my macbook air

So far I have:

  • adjusted the tension on the belt. In both directions, thinking I
    might have had too much, or the belt was slipping. Currently it’s
    tight, “like a guitar string”
  • slowed the feed rate and adjusted the cutting depth
  • confirmed project is secured to the table

Video of tracking issue is here:

Project is here:

Have you adjusted the power to your stepper motors?

Not that I know of. Is that done in Easel?

No, it is done of the G-Shield…check out this post it appears to be your Y-Axis:

@LarryM is an expert at this process

Here are the official instructions from the company that manufactures the gshield.

Once you get your missed steps issue resolved, be sure to tell everyone about the Tardis project! Looks cool!

Thanks Erik and Zack, but as I don’t have the G-Shield, I doubt if my issue is related to the problem.

I’ve gone back and check the wiring connections and am about to attempt it again.

What are you running?

I’m running Easel, as indicated in the original post. :smile:

I meant hardware. if you are not running the G-Shield, what are you using?

Failed again. :frowning:
I’ve also checked all of the carriage wheels, and they are tight and rolling well.

When I stop the printing and the carver goes home, it lands about 1" to 2" off the Y axis. It’s always the Y axis too.

Please look at the post I referenced above. Are you using an X-Carve with the default hardware (arduino and g-shield)?

I’ll take a look at the post, lots to digest in it. Thanks

This thread might help, especially the referenced video.

If you have the standard hardware, you have a g-shield connected to your arduino which is controlling the machine. There is a lot to digest, but it gets easier.

my invoice indicates I have the shield
X-Carve Arduino/gShield Motion Controller Kit - 30574-02

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Joel - there is a hardware component to the machine that makes magic happen. Out of the box the hardware will likely need some adjustments. Read the previous posts and adjust the current on stepper drivers. Report back. Thanks.

Finally got around to making the adjustments. Works like a charm now. Thanks everyone for the insight and help.