Construction set for kids

I was looking around at ideas and came across this, looks very cool, I’d like to eventually do something like this for the kids, but not really keen on stealing patterns / ideas from an existing site since I’m sure if I did do something like this, someone else would want a set.

Could be a cool project for community members.

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That is a very interesting toy! It would really nice if they would just sell the connecting parts separately.

It is a very cool toy!, I thought of doing something similar for a construction set we got for our oldest son. I remember seeing much smaller kits like this made of plastic for a few hundred bucks around the holidays. Now that I finally have a cnc, I’ve been itching to make something like this, but time is not my friend lately. lol.

Maybe the forum community can make up some parts we can all cut out, I’m hoping come winter I get a little more time to do stuff.

I sent the company an email asking if they would sell the connectors separately. This is the important part of the 2 page email they immediately sent me.

Thanks for reaching out to us about your interest in Rigamajig! The price for one Rigamajig Builder Kit and Cart (260 components) is $3500, including shipping and handling within the continental U.S. For an additional $100, there is a Rigamajig Cart Cover that helps “turn off” the Rigamajig in your educational space and is helpful for mobile usage of the cart.

Allen, we sell the Rigamajig basic builder kit as a complete set. Once a set has been purchased you are welcome to purchase additional favorite parts to enhance the kit.

Holy crap! That’s some expensive toy, I could buy a 3d printer out lathe, or low end laser cutter, . Yikes!

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