Continued Issues with X-Carve pro 4x4

Hello, for the past 2 months we have been experiencing one issue after the other with our CNC machine. First, the port of the controller gave out for some weird reason, we got a replacement which fixed the issue for about a month. Which then the issue returned this time on a entirely different port, sent the box back to inventables, they fixed it, got it back with new cables as well and worked great for the night (June 12) . Now to today (June 15), we are experiencing a brand new issue where the machine is really delayed in all axis. The response of this machine has gotten completely slowed and potentially dangerous if it cant stop when you tell it to stop. Compared to the last two issues this seems like a software issue and not hardware. We are stuck on what to do here. This machine has worked great for the past 2-3 years and now its just one issue after the next.

Is there any suggestion on this delay issue and how it can be fixed?

Because i already reinstalled the software couple times and used different laptops (mac and pc), used different cables, installed legacy drivers and new drivers with no fix in sight. I will try to call support tomorrow but right now we just don’t know what to do.

Wow, this sounds very, very odd.

I just got my 4x4 a week ago, and it’s been rock solid from my very first carve.
Do you have the controller plugged into a surge protector? I’ve seen surges cause all sorts of issues.

Ask Inventables Support, if they could FaceTime with you (or some other video software) so they can see first hand, the issues you’re struggling with.

just got off the phone with support we re-flashed the firmware. inspected the switches with machine inspector but we are still getting a delayed response. The machine was rock solid too for the first 2-3 years but now its just issues back to back. waiting on a call back from support

The controller is interpreting the G-code from the computer. It is possible that the problem is in your computer. If it feeds the gcode slowly, then there would be a delay. How to diagnose this? Switch to using a different computer temporarily. This smells like a computer issue.

I’m on board with Ranger…

It was not a computer issue. My suspicion was always the controller. After talking to support and discussing the troubleshooting that was already attempted it was narrowed down to the controller again. We still had our old controller box, we knew the y-axis port did not work on it but we still attempted to see how the other axis reacted, and they reacted much more accurately and no delay what so ever but when we switched to the refurbished box the delay happened again. Support even walk us through some more advance troubleshooting steps and still pointed to the controller. We received another box and machine is operating perfectly now.

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