Control Panel for Cart

I wanted to share some of my my machine setup that has really made everything very convenient for operating the machine.

I bought a cheap Harbor Freight metal cart that fits my Shapeoko 2 (soon to become a X-Carve hybrid. Thanks, Black Friday Sale). I wanted to have everything on a single cart that rolls. The Shapeoko itself sits on top, but there is space underneath to unplug and stow it if I want to use the top of the cart for something else.

I found the control panel really helped speed things along. It has:

  • Emergency stop
  • DC spindle power control potentiometer
  • X,Y, Z axis plugs
  • GRBL Start/resume, pause, and reset buttons
  • LED power indicator light
  • USB plug
  • Aux switches that control vacuum - a dumpster rescued and chopped up dirty devil that lives on the bottom shelf
  • Two other Aux switches that will hopefully control later upgrades

The front cart panel also has an arduino spindle tachomter a la
and a single plug and power switch, so everything can be powered up and down together.

Since the cart is metal, I just use ceramic magnets to hold wrenches for changing endmills and clamping work pieces.


That is crazy nice! I especially like the aluminium bar handles, nice touch

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