Controller box electrical question

I have the 24vdc pushbuttons for my home made controller box that will be fore the feed hold, abort, resume buttons from the Arduino and I wanted to confirm where to get the 24vdc power for the lights on the pushbuttons.

My basic powerpoint electrical pic so farController wiring diagram.pptx (86.9 KB):

In case you don’t want to view ppt:

I now I need to connect to the NO (normally open) for each of the push buttons and believe I connect to the ground as a part of the circuit. It is the 24vdc that I want to confirm. The orange dot in the picture/ppt is a basic picture of the back of the push button. I see it as a + and - connection to 24vdc

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Well you can get the 24v directly from the ±vcc on the power supply outputs, they’re the rightmost 2 pins, the ones that go to the grblshield.

Thanks. I agree that should work and I will give that a try. Srednasoft and ErikJenkins also provided excellent inputs on this. I just needed to confirm the +/- from the front left outputs of the power supply were going to to provide what I needed.

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Those are the ones I used for the 24v light in the buttons (Same ones you have pictured above). I took both the power and ground out to a terminal strip so I can easily access the connection.

From my other post:

Each button has five connection points that are clearly marked, you need 4 of them to make them work properly.

2 pins are marked: “-” and “+” - these are for the 24v light to keep them illuminated. I used a terminal strip inside my enclosure to break out all of the voltages for easy access. But, just as easy to add a wire from the pos and gnd of the power supply.

The three center pins are marked, “NC” - normally closed, “NO” - normally opened, and “C” - common.

Make a connection between the “C” - common connection of the button and Arduino GND pin. (Again, I used terminal strips inside the enclosure to make wiring much easier)

Make a connection between the “NO” - normally open connection and the:

A2 Arduino pin (Green Button- Cycle Start/Resume)
A1 Arduino pin (Yellow Button- Feed Hold)
A0 Arduino pin (Red Button- Reset/Abort)