Controller to replace a MACH3?

The CNC is an AVID, used to be CNC Router Parts before name change. It’s a PRO 48x96 with IGRA Spindle. The controller runs on Mach 3.
I’d really like to get a controller that I can run the CNC on with Easel. Any advice or direction>

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Why not run your Easel generated gcode on your mach3 controller. Mach3 has been a feature rich standard for CNC controllers for years.

Am I able to change size, speed, depth if I do that?. run the easel generated g code from Mach3?

I’m confused with your question. That’s all done in the CAM ( Easel in your case).

I have mach3 on one of my cnc’s but it’s really been mothballed for a couple years now. I have mach3 on my desktop pc. I also have meshcam. I have access to easel on the desktop as well. I’m using a hybrid X carve with a bunch of aftermarket parts. It’s still belt drive for a while.

So I draw in Rhino and convert gcode in Meshcam (3d) or Cambam (2d) or Easel, depending on what I’m doing. In all cases I’ll test the code out on Mach3 just to make sure it works. I’ll edit out stuff or change feeds there too. Then I save the gcode to a thumb drive which plugs into the laptop.

I have an X controller and a small Lenovo laptop, and that is what runs the X carve. UGS has fewer bells and whistles, but I never used most of that stuff anyway.

I would investigate whether a GRBL controller has the power supply large enough to power whatever motors you have.

You can build a Grbl controller with external drivers and power supplies, but I’m not sure why it’d be worth it when you have a functional controller.

so generate g code from easel
send g code to mach3

if i want to, can i change speed, or depth of carve, or re size the carve IN mach3? OR do i have to stop mach3, go back to easel and make changes, then generate g code and send to mach3?

In Mach 3, you can edit the Gcode which is a text editor. I routinely use Find and Replace to change feeds and Z heights, or remove unnecessary lines of code.

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