Convert CRV Files to SVG

Anyone know if there is a simple way to convert a CRV file to an SVG file that can be used in Easel? I have checked the web but so far come up blank. But that’s not saying very much. Any tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


CRV files created by VCarve desktop/pro. I don’t know if Desktop version have export function but I’m using PRO. when you have drawing on the screen, you can go Export option, then choose SVG format. (Of course I’m assuming you’re the V-Carve owner.)


Thanks for the reply, and no I don’t have V-Carve. If I shared the file with you could you turn it into something I can use on Easel? I found it on woodworkers journal and they carve their own outlets on the cnc machine. I may also use that layout to mount a switched outlet off a relay controlled by my electronics when my new Dewalt 611 arrives next week. I will attach the file if I can, and if you would I appreciate it. Not to worry if you can’t. RonOutlet Mill.crv (248 KB)

No problem at all. I’ll download and send you tool paths tonight.

Thank you sir.

These are GCodes, They’re all used 0.125 End Mill. I’m also adding Picture of products. There is no Front details. This is only for Back Side. If there is any you can find, send it again, I’ll take care of it.

Outlet (4.6 KB)

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Thank you very much Alan, I will check but I think that’s all they had.

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I have a file that is .crv and want to have it in .svg. Can someone help me with this?HOCKEY CRIB BOARD.crv (3.4 MB)
Thank you


is it possible to get the outlet as a svg

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I would love to get this in a svg format anyone.

Convert CRV Files to SVG

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Neil pointed me to the SVG, I saved it and opened it using Easel.
Thanks Neil and Good Luck George

thanks turned out great

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Post a picture. :grinning:

Careful Alan you might find a new business for you to open. I too have V-Carve desktop but not sure if I can find a way to get them to svg for easel. There is probably a lot of us out there, good luck

Any help with this file being converted to sag would be great. Thank you in advance.1911 Grips.crv3d (6.6 MB)

That is a three dimensional file I don’t believe SVG will work for that.

easel wont let me import the outlet cover using gcode? keep getting errors

Check to see if there are codes that GRBL doesn’t like. You should be able to open your file in a text program like notepad or wordpad. It helps to have a post processor for your particular machine. Fanuc is one post processor that is pretty generic. I generally remove things that aren’t needed .