Convert X-Carve

How can I convert my 500 x 500 to a 1000 x 1000 machine.

you buy some maker-slide that is 1000x1000 and install them. you will also need longer belting on all three axis.

I would get the wide maker-slide for the X-Axis listed here

you will need two of these for the Y axis

and also get extra belting (as in 4 meters) so if one breaks in the future you have plenty of extra

you will also need to extend your bottom extrusions to match 1000mm and make a new waste board.

and here is the technical drawing of the waste board it is just 3/4 MDF which you can get at any lumber yard.

If I missed something please add to this list.

don’t forget new longer wiring.
Invest in a good tap if the makerslide or 20x20 isn’t tapped.

plans for 1000 x 1000