Converting specific parts of image

Buddy wants me to carve his business logo. I know about “trace bitmap” feature in Inkscape, but it won’t do what I need. I need to create a cutout of the blue by itself, then the Cape buffalo skull by itself. Is there any program or way to get it done like that in Inkscape? I’ve tried multiple times but no luck. Just looking for tips.

Not sure if this is what you want.
I gave it a shot.

images.7z (106.9 KB)

Holy crap man! That text is PERFECT. The skull looks way better than what I could get too! Thanks! Do you mind me asking what software program you used or if there is a specific tutorial you know of I could use?

Most apps have a magic wand selection tool

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You just took me down a dangerous path by mentioning the magic wand tool…of course I asked for it thought lol. The wife finally stopped asking if I would ever get done messing with some images earlier.

I have a tool that I bought years ago called a KNK Zing.
It came with software that allows me to make vector graphics and has great tools for it. Best I have seen next to the high end ones.
The name of the application is Make the cut.
If you have other stuff just ask it only takes me a few min.