Cool Stools

Using X Carve I made these stools, carving the seats out of some 'Merican walnut and the base from stacked plywood for strength.

The backs…so I made the forms on the X Carve then used a Roarockit to luthier the backs from 0.8 MM leaves and some curly maple veneer I had left over from another project.

There is a prize if you can guess what the base stringer is, the circular thing giving stability to the base.


Awesome! Love the combination of woods.

Looks like a large burner. Maybe for a firepit or something?


My guess is something that goes on a ceiling vent or Light?

Some sort of control wheel to turn and open valves or something?

They are beautiful!! My only suggestion is to cap or round off the through bolts at the base wheel. I say that because I am the type to squirm my feet around in there and probably scratch myself or tear a sock like the big lug I am.

Super nice work. I think they are some sort of crank. Look to smal to be for a boat lift but that is what they remind me of. Nice job on the finish.


Yes, I am gonna cut them off and make some small caps on the X carve for that exact same reason!!!

I can’t wait to get my prize…I hope it’s a bowling alley!


I just saw last night someone had the lanes for sale. I am up for a road trip how many do you want? :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Well done!

Excellent Work,
I knew they were from a sale boat immediately !
Do I get a prize too ? lol !!!