Cool Windows Tablet with Possibilities

Came across this while cruzing the interwebs;
PiPo X8 Dual Boot Mini PC 7 Inch Touch Screen Intel Z3736F Win10 & Android 4.4 2GB 64GB

There is a YouTube video here of someone reviewing it;

Looks like it can be bought for around $110.00. Form factor is nice for a controller.
There are various places to purchase including Amazon.

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Wow that’s cheap. I’m gonna get one to see how well it works. It says it has 4 USB ports. If I had that connected to the machine I could use Easel on my laptop and then open up the file on the PoPo to run it so I wouldn’t have to sit next to the machine with my MacBook.

Great find.


now someone needs to make a nice touch friendly interface. i use a 13" tablet and with ugcs small buttons, it’s easy to hit the wrong one.

Have you tried Easel on the 13" tablet? The carving walkthrough buttons are pretty big.

Maybe we should make a purpose built app for phones and tablets that is focused on machine operation.


I also have concerns about running my MacBook in the shop but a small form factor PC/tablet would work for me too Zach as I do all my designs in the house on a proper puter.

Having Easel running on a tablet with the GCode import = Perfect. I’d just leave the tablet in the shop and bring in Easel projects I’d designed elsewhere or GCode jobs off my Dropbox.



@IanWatkins it will probably work now as it’s HTML 5. It’s not “optimized” but it should work.

A ‘better’ solution would be Easel Local that ran on Linux. :santa:
That would make MY Christmas!

Due to its limitations, I don’t use easel much. However, when I tried it, the buttons are mostly a good size. The main buttons that were an issue were the distance adjustment buttons.

@GeoffSteer we are trying to hire more software engineers. You know anyone looking for a new gig? Each week we have to chose between different features (g-code import, performance improvements, Easel working with Carvey, Easel Local for Linux, V-Carving, etc.). We are trying to triple the size of our engineering team to be able to make improvements come faster.

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@AbearDesign what limitations?

At the time it was not able to import NC code. No 3d cutting and no real way to set up the order of operations that I could see. For what it is, it’s great. However I’m coming from rhino cam and visual mill.

I should mention that I can’t run Easel even on Windows as I have a Gecko G540/Linuxcnc based controller, not an Arduino one.
One day, I’ll make an interface board to connect the Gecko to an Arduino so I can run Easel. Not today, roast turkey on the barbecue today!

No, Linux first!

I was just talking about wishlists with the wife tonight - I guess cause there’s a big guy in the sky dropping off free junk (we all can dream, right?). Was curious how well any of the Windows tablets are working with Easel? I was thinking more high end surface pro but this entry tablet is enticing just for the screen. Was looking at touch screen modules for Arduino last week but just to hook USB this is even more my flavor.

@Zach_Kaplan you mentioned growing team? I write software for a living would be interested in talking…

I am using a Sony tap 11. Works great overall. The surface pro should be flawless.

@AbearDesign you can import gcode now :slight_smile: Also you can set the order of operations in the edit menu. You click an element and move it front to back. Easel carves the front elements first and the back element last. Everything in between is done in order from front to back.

On the topic of 3D curves I can’t confirm or deny if they are coming in 2016.

You’re right the vision for Easel is to give more people access to 3D carving. We are doing things differently than traditional software tools. That’s obvious now and will continue to be different in the future. We are doing it in the pursuit of making it easier.

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@TimothyWood Here is the posting

Feel free to message me if you have questions or want to chat on the phone.

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Awesome! I have been keeping an eye on it. I will be testing the g code import feature soon.
If it isn’t already, I would suggest a layers sidebar so we can visually see what is happening. Also more control over feeds and speeds as well as other advanced options per operation. This way it can be plug and play autopilot with the ability to have full control.